Hello, I’m Andrea and I’m pleased to meet you.

I’m a health and lifestyle coach first who is also a stress manager and hypnotherapist.

What is health and lifestyle coaching?  I help you find out exactly what it is you really want to do.  Then I help you work out how you will do it and when.

Stress is a major factor behind many of today’s illnesses.  I combine powerful stress management techniques with the coaching to help you become the best version of yourself.  Once you become less stressed you will find that you are able to think more clearly with a higher level of performance in your day to day life.

On the blog you will find information about:

  • health and  lifestyle issues
  • stress management
  • nutrition
  • essential oils

The nutrition element is to give you clear scientific information to help you decide how and what you wish to eat.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTerra essential oils because I believe that these oils are amongst the best you can buy and they help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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