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with a focus on kicking the sugar habit

What is your objective?

Become fit

Losing weight

Tone up my body

Release the stress

Achieve your goals in 4 steps

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Make a complete assessment
with your trainer


Define and target
your goals


Your sports coach offers
a personalized program


Your trainer will accompany you
throughout your program


My husband and I undertook the 3 day no sugar challenge. I was particularly interested because of my husband's health issues and his sugar addiction! My husband was persuaded because it was only 3 days! It has been a resounding success!!
We've both felt so much better, looked better and as an additional benefit, we lost weight. My husband lost 5lbs in 3 days. I lost 3lbs.
It has really revolutionised our family eating habits and made us all much more conscious and aware of the dangers of sugar. My daughter now checks labels. My husband is still not having sugar in his tea and making "good choices" 3 days every week. I have been amazed. He's lost 10lbs in total and is more active.
Thank you Andrea for your support and advice throughout. I cannot recommend enough the benefits of taking this revolutionary first step to be more healthy and change your mindset.
siobhan smullen

Pricing Plans

Go with your right one

Kick the sugar habit


3 days

  • Interactive
  • Done for you meal plan
  • Develop new habits
  • Help and guidance

14 day or 28 day low sugar challenge


for 28 day challenge

  • Includes app
  • Done for you meal plan
  • Track your metrics
  • Three 45 min coaching sessions included

8 week kick the sugar habit


Paid in full upfront

  • Includes app
  • Personalised program
  • Track your metrics
  • Weekly 45 min coaching sessions

Customized coaching to

achieve your goals

Cut out the sugar?  Get fit?  Stress levels too high?  Sleep? Detoxify?

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