Almond Flour Flatbreads

Flatbreads are not a major part of my lunchtime repertoire. Normally I’m a bit sniffy about substitutes for everyday foods. Vegetarian sausages which look and taste like their meat based equivalent are to my mind a bit of a no no. We should (to my mind) be celebrating vegetarian food, not pretending that it is meat.

By that logic, if we are not eating bread then bread alikes should also be out, however sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to be able to put together a sandwich.

Answers to this need include the lettucewich where the filling is placed between two slices of lettuce or the meatwich which could end up just being three slices of meat. Something that I find hits the mark is this almond flour flat bread. The recipe originally came from Low Carb Living for Families by Monique le Roux Forslund. The book is excellent and I only ended up tweaking the recipe because she uses a lot of dairy produce. The whole book relies heavily on butter, cream and cheese some of which can be substituted without going too far from the original.

My Version

First up you put about 100g or 4oz, depending on how you think, almond flour (ground almonds) into a bowl.  I use half  a 200g packet measuring by eye.


Then add an egg


Follow with a glob of olive oil. This helps it mix evenly. Add a pinch of salt at this stage too.


Mix it up.


Then form into two flat breads on a large plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes. The plate will be surprisingly hot when you take it out which is probably something to do with the way the egg cooks.



The flatbreads will come off the plate very easily so I prise them off with a knife and let them cool a bit before filling them up. They are quite dense and the original recipe calls for lashings of extra butter at this stage. I use mayonnaise on both flatbreads instead.


The sandwich travels reasonably well so can be used as a packed lunch. It is very filling though so you will not need to pack much more to see you through to dinner. I have also found that solid fillings work better than more runny ones like tuna mayo.

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