Essential Oils Working For You

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the extracted compounds from plants that the plants use to ward off invaders and to stay healthy.  That amazing smell of freshly mown grass is actually the grass screaming in shock and trying to heal itself.

Basil, coriander, oregano, you name it, these volatile compounds form part of the immune system.  Some of these compounds are toxic to us (daffodils and foxgloves don’t do us any favours) and we do have to be careful with cats, dogs and essential oils but in the main, we can utilise their properties for our own health.

Uses of Essential Oils

The starting point for the development of new drugs is to find compounds in plants, extract and purify them, and then test to see if they have an effect on the human immune system.  One of the worries about the destruction of the rainforrests is that we are destroying as yet undiscovered plants which may have the potential to cure diseases.

Limonene, a component of lemons and other citrus fruits is known to be an anticancer compound and there are no fewer than 21 other anticancer compounds present in lemons.

Amongst the uses of essential oils are:

  • balancing hormones in the body
  • boosting immunity
  • easing digestive problems
  • boosting energy levels
  • sharpening your brain power
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • easing aches and pains
  • improving the condition of hair and skin
  • relief of headaches and migraines
  • promoting a good night’s sleep

So just on their own, they are pretty useful things to have around.  They can also be used to prepare non toxic cleaning materials which adds to their value, reducing the chemical load on our bodies and around the home.

Essential oils gave this window its fresh sparkle.
A really clean window thanks to essential oils

This is a really effective window cleaner with a yummy peppermint smell, made from: white vinegar, distilled water, vodka and essential oil.

What to expect from this blog

Watch this blog as over the next months there will be suggested recipes and uses for common essential oils.  The blog will not just be about essential oils though!  There will also be posts about health and nutrition and tips for leading a stress free, fulfilling lifestyle.

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