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Went to Andrea’s talk at the library today, really informative, learned lots, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to the microbiome and insulin resistance. If you are looking for help to improve your health she’s definitely your go-to person.



It’s all in the mind!  The answers and solutions to all deep seated problems are in your own mind – you just need help in finding them.  Andrea has provided that help.


Dear Andrea,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for all your help and encouragement with my flying phobia.  It was most generous of you to give up extra time at the last minute to see me and I enjoyed meeting you.  The flights were most successful and I will go again!



Dear Andrea,

Your help is dear to my heart.  Thank you always for the progress we have made together through your kindness and support.  We will continue to go forward in all those perfect days of mind, body and spirit.



Just to say thank you for all your help over the last 4/5 months.  I can now honestly say that I have a much more positive outlook and am now able to cope with everyday life and be happy.



Dear Andrea,

Thank you very much!  I had to write and tell you how well I’m doing.  It’s now 2 months since I’be given up smoking and it’s been so easy!  Honestly I haven’t played my tapes, not once!

The smell of smoke doesn’t bother me, people around me smoking doesn’t bother me, after meals and with my tea, I don’t even think about it.  Some days, in fact now, probably most of them, I don’t even think about smoking at all.

I really can’t believe it’s been this easy.  I know that I will never smoke again.  The thought of giving up smoking used to be enough to have me reaching for my cigarettes.  I have no will power myself.  I know it’s down to you that I’ve stopped.  Thank you.


I appreciate that I have not benefited as much as I could have done because I didn’t do my homework!  However the sessions have given me the opportunity to talk about myself and analyse my feelings without interruption.  This has confirmed that the solution lies with myself and that I do have the strength to improve my life… I look forward to increasing in self confidence as I know that this is now in my power.  Thank you Andrea.



  1.  Increase in self confidence
  2. Greater ambition and more positive outlook on life
  3. Improved, clearer foresight brought about by better perception.


Thanks to Andrea’s guidance in the art of relaxation, I have now conquered my sleeping difficulties and am now returning to her for help with a fear of spiders.


Thanks to Andrea’s help and patience, I am hopefully on the road to a full recovery from a problem that started when I was roughly 12 years old (now 36 years old).  I feel the relaxation tapes help so I will endeavour to keep them going.  I will keep Andrea’s name to mind if I meet anybody who needs help with a particular problem.


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